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Chemical Name: Atorvastatin
Product Manufacturer Country Dosage Qty Price($USD)
Lipitor Pfizer United Kingdom 10 mg 84 $55.00
Lipitor Pfizer Canada 10 mg 90 $189.00
Lipitor Pfizer Turkey 10 mg 90 $55.00
Lipitor Pfizer United Kingdom 20 mg 84 $99.00
Lipitor Pfizer Turkey 20 mg 90 $99.00
Lipitor Pfizer Canada 20 mg 90 $259.00
Lipitor Pfizer Canada 40 mg 90 $269.00
Lipitor Pfizer Canada 80 mg 90 $279.00
Atorvastatin Generic United Kingdom 10 mg 84 $26.00
Atorvastatin Generic Canada 10 mg 100 $37.00
Atorvastatin Generic United Kingdom 20 mg 84 $34.00
Atorvastatin Generic Canada 20 mg 100 $47.00
Atorvastatin Generic United Kingdom 40 mg 84 $60.00
Atorvastatin Generic Canada 40 mg 100 $47.00
Atorvastatin Generic United Kingdom 80 mg 84 $76.00
Atorvastatin Generic Canada 80 mg 100 $75.00

Atorvastatin Information
Lipitor is a prescription drug recommended to treat high cholesterol and high triglycerides. People requiring a huge fall in their cholesterol numbers should start to take Lipitor. Lipitor is a kind of cholesterol-lowering medicine called a statin. Statins obstruct an enzyme in the liver that the body uses to formulate cholesterol. When a reduced amount of cholesterol is made, the liver uses more of it from the blood. This ends up with lesser levels of cholesterol. Lipitor can lessen the danger of heart attack, stroke and chest pain for the people who have sickness of heart. It may also be used in certain adolescent patients, age 10 to 17 years, who have a hereditarily originated cholesterol problem. This medication cannot cure high cholesterol, but assists to control it. Lipitor can also be used in certain patients to lessen the hazard of hospitalization for congestive heart failure. You may also use it to treat other circumstances as suggested by your doctor.

Atorvastatin Side Effects
There should not be any severe side effect in taking Lipitor only with the exception of a few. If you suffer from muscle pain or tenderness that is accompanied by fever, then you should consult the doctor urgently. Signs of liver damage, such as yellow eyes or skin, upper right abdominal pain, dark urine, and elevated liver enzymes should be informed to the physician urgently.

There are some common side effects of using Lipitor, such as:
1. Headache or body ache.
2. Infections or allergies or unexplained rashes in the skin.
3. Muscle Pain or joint pain.
4. Diarrhea
5. Inflammation of sinusitis.
6. Abdominal pain
7. General feeling of weakness.

Atorvastatin Precautions
Lipitor is not applicable for every person. This drug should not be prescribed to people suffering with lever problems. Also, pregnant women and the women planning to get pregnant or those who are nursing a baby should not consume this drug. While taking Lipitor, you must inform your doctor if you face any kind of weakness due to muscle pain or joint pain. Otherwise you can be a victim of severe muscle side effects. You should inform your doctor about all the medications you are having right at the moment when you are being prescribed of Lipitor. You must check your necessary blood tests to check your liver function before and during the treatment is ongoing. You must inform your doctor if you are allergic to atorvastatin, or you have active liver disease. You should also let him know if you have unexplained constant liver function test increase or if you are a nursing mother and have a known or suspected pregnancy.

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