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Chemical Name: Tiotropium
Product Manufacturer Country Dosage Qty Price($USD)
Spiriva Caps and Device Boehringer Ingelheim Canada 18 mcg/30 blisters 1 $125.00
Spiriva Caps and Device Boehringer Ingelheim Canada 18 mcg/30 blisters 2 $229.00
Spiriva Caps and Device Boehringer Ingelheim Canada 18 mcg/30 blisters 3 $329.00
Spiriva Caps and Device Boehringer Ingelheim Turkey 18 mcg/30 blisters 3 $235.00
Tiotropium Rotahaler Device Generic India 1 unit 1 $15.00
Tiotropium with Device Generic India 18 mcg/15 capsules 6 $138.00

Spiriva Caps and Device Information
Spiriva (tiotropium bromide) is an anticholingeric class of drug that is once-daily inhaled continuance recommendation treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and chronic bronchitis.

Spiriva Caps and Device Side Effects
Stop inhaling Spiriva and go for emergency assistance of a medical practitioner if you have any kind of allergic reactions such as hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat. Although Spiriva does not contrive any serious side effect, but you must consult the doctor if you are suffering from swelling of your tongue, or you notice white patches in your mouth, lips, or you are urinating less than normally you do.

Less serious side effects of Spiriva may include:
• Dry mouth, cough, and roughness of throat
• Blurred vision
• Feeling trouble in swallowing
• Nausea, drowsiness, constipation, or stomach upset
• Bleeding from the nose or blocking of nose
• Fast heart beat
• Sinus infection
• Vomiting
• Muscle pain

You should consult your doctor if you are suffering from any kind of problems that seems unusual.

Spiriva Caps and Device Precautions
You should not inhale Spiriva, if you seem to be allergic to any of its components or atropine or medicines like ipratropriium. This is for your information that Spiriva is not helpful to prevent an attack of asthma that already exists in a patient. When you use an albuterol inhaler, you should take a bronchodilator inhaler for asthma attacks. You must not inhale Spiriva in overdose. Spiriva is probable to create overexcitement and blurred vision, which are provoked on consumption of alcohol and other medicines. Therefore, you should inhale Spiriva with appropriate care and do not drive a car or operate a machine to keep away from risky circumstances. Be cautious about the medicine that it should not go into your eyes, as it may cause impaired vision. In cases like this, you should call for the doctor’s assistance. You may experience some respiratory problems after a single dose. You should seek instant medical attention from the doctor in such cases. You should not suddenly discontinue or start taking any other medicine without the consent of your doctor. Give particulars to the doctor about your medical state if you are suffering from any complicatedness in passing urine because of prostate gland trouble or any other obstruction problem of the urinary bladder neck, glaucoma, and problems of kidney, allergic manifestations, pregnancy and lactation. Pregnant women and lactating mothers must discuss with the doctor before taking the Spiriva medication.

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