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Chemical Name: Hylan GF 20
Product:Synvisc One
Dosage:1 syr/6 ml
Dosage:3 syringes (2ml)

Synvisc Information
No prescription required for Canadian customers. Click here for other popular injections for knee:
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Synvisc is pointed out for the handling the pain of osteoarthritis of the knee in patients who have botched to react effectively to traditionalist non-pharmacologic treatment and plain painkillers. This drug is used to take care of knee pain in patients with joint irritation or soreness that is usually known as osteoarthritis. This medication is used especially to those people who have stopped responding to other treatments like exercise, physical therapy or acetaminophen. Synvisc may work by performing as a lubricant and shock absorber in the joint, assisting the knee to move effortlessly, thereby decreasing pain.

Synvisc normally comes in the type of injection that is straightly injected into the patient’s knee by a professional physician. Synvisc is an expandable and gluey solution prepared from a natural substance. According to the orthopedic experts, patients can purchase Synvisc as it supports visco-supplement. This recuperates the cushioning and as well as lubricating result of synovial juice that are injured because of osteoarthritis. On the other hand, the medication starts working from the very first week of being applied, but in some cases, it may also take 7-10 weeks.

Synvisc Side Effects
Like any other drugs, Synvisc also have some minor side effects. However, if you notice some unusual kind of problems, then you must consult the doctor for your safety. You can have some general side effects, such as, pain, swelling or redness in the injection site. If you find some irritation for a long period, then you should call for medical help. You might not have any severe side effects by using this medication, but you can have a few risky side effects some time, like back pain, headache, fast heartbeat or high fever. If you notice some allergic reaction, such as, rash or itching in face, tongue or throat after taking this medication, you must consult the physician urgently. You can face trouble in breathing dizziness due to taking this medication. If you suffer from muscle cramps, peripheral edema, nausea, respiratory difficulties, flushing and facial swelling, and then you should seek for emergency medical help.

Synvisc Precautions
Before using Synvisc, you must inform your doctor whether you are allergic to the particular medication or to bird proteins, feathers, egg products or to latex. You should notify the physician if you have any other kind of allergic reactions from any component. This product may include inactive components, which can affect allergic patients. You should share your medical history with your physician before taking this medication, especially about knee joint infections in the area where the injection will be given. One should use this medication during pregnancy only if she needs it urgently. Consult your doctor before breast-feeding your baby. You must consult the doctor if you have severely inflamed knee joint, before taking this medication. The patient must follow strict aseptic administration technique. The syringe is proposed for single use only. The contents of the syringe must be used instantly after the covering is unwrapped. Avoid using this medication if the package is opened or damaged. Store Synvisc in original packaging (protected from light) at room temperature protected from direct sunlight, and do not freeze it.

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