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Niaspan: Management of Good and Bad Cholesterol

Niaspan (Niacin extended- Release Tablets) is a prescription medication for management of LDL (Low-density lipoprotein, or LDL is known as the "bad" cholesterol) and HDL (High-density lipoprotein, or HDL, is known as the "good" cholesterol). Niaspan increases the level of HDL and decreases the LDL and triglycerides. Niaspan is clinically approved cholesterol medication for maintaining the correct amount of good and bad cholesterol. It prevents frequent heart attacks. Niaspan is very much different from other Niacin products which are available as non-prescription products.

Niaspan is FDA approved prescription medication for cholesterol management reducing the risk for heart attacks. Excess amount of LDL cholesterol can clog your arteries thus increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. HDL cholesterol protects your body and takes the excess of bad cholesterol from arteries and thus reducing the risk of heart attack.   Niaspan manages the optimum quantity of good and bad cholesterol.  Excess amount of cholesterol is known to increase the risk of heart attacks.

Niaspanis clinically proved to be effective and safe for cholesterol management. Niaspan is taken once a day at bedtime. By taking Niaspan your HDL cholesterol can increase by 10% to 26% and LDL can decrease with by 3% to 17 % and reduces triglycerides by 5% to 35%.

Niaspan  is proved to be a excellent cholesterol medication. It is to be taken only after doctor consultation and not as dietary supplement. Persons allergic to Niaspan's ingredients or those who have liver problems, stomach ulcers or bleeding problems are recommended not to use this drug.

Niaspan is an extended tablet and has to be swallowed as a whole, so do not crush it. It is known to increase blood sugar so if you are diabetic then use Niaspan only after your blood sugar tests. It is better not to consume alcohol when undergoing treatment with Niaspan as too much consumption may react adversely. Do not substitute Niaspan with any other drug.

Niaspanis taken carefully with doctor's consultation if you are taking medication for blood pressure and cholesterol. Usually people start Niaspan with 500 mg once daily. Only appropriate dose gives the best results and doctor will adjust your dose to what he/she feels is appropriate for you.

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